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Introducing the New ClassIntercom.com

By June 1, 20202 min read

School’s Out and our new website is here!

With all the excitement surrounding the SpaceX launch last week, we’ve had our own exciting projects launching at Class Intercom including our new website. If you haven’t spent time on our site before, we hope you like what you see and will be able to utilize all the resources we have available.

So, what would you say you do here?

If you’re not familiar with Class Intercom, we help school’s take their social media to the next level. You can manage your entire content strategy with our social media platform developed specifically for schools. Our tool allows educators to put digital citizenship into practice, it allows school PR professionals to create a unified social strategy without losing control, it allows school technology professionals to secure and control social media with archiving capabilities and it allows students to become leaders in content generation.

Why now?

We know this year has been difficult for educators, school PR, school technologists and students. Now more than ever, educators and school PR professionals are suffering from burnout and exhaustion. Many Class Intercom schools have stated that by being able to get other faculty and even students involved in content creation, it helped reduce burnout and created a more resilient school.

We’ve been learning in this time about how our tool has helped different areas of the school and we’ve separated our content, so this new site really does have something for everyone, even students.

I’m not like a regular website. I’m a cool website. 

We built Class Intercom to address the problem that schools were having with managing their social media, but didn’t realize how many roles within the school would be impacted. Depending on the size of the school or district, each school manages their social media and communication a bit differently. From organizing social media content to archiving, Class Intercom is the perfect social media management tool specifically built for schools. 

In addition to focusing on our different audiences, we have a number of resources available including blogs, webinars, podcasts and videos. One of the biggest changes to our site is that pricing information and features are clearly listed for single schools. 

So sit back, take a look around and let us know if you have any questions.

You can sign up for a demo here.