The Class Intercom Ambassador Program

Class Intercom Ambassadors are an elite group of educators who have a high level of training and experience implementing and growing successful social media programs across schools and school districts. 

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Program Overview

Ambassadors leverage Class Intercom on a level that goes deeper than its technical features and functionality to honor the five Class Intercom Pedagogy Pillars: storytelling, skill building, student voice, digital citizenship, and community building. The result is a healthy and thriving school community with engaged students, parents/caregivers, and stakeholders. 

How It Works

The Class Intercom Ambassador program combines the benefits of working within a group of peer professionals with the convenience of self-guided learning. Ambassadors apply to the program to be admitted before beginning the programming and certification process. 


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Complete the Learning Modules


Submit the Capstone Project


Become an Official Ambassador

Key Benefits of Becoming an Ambassador  

  • Connect and network with a collaborative community of education innovators
  • Access learning sessions, webinars, and ongoing training to refine your skills 
  • Earn badges and certifications as you advance 
  • Present on school social media and technology at major conferences and other events 
  • Use our professionally developed presentations and training materials 
  • Represent Class Intercom across your district and at regional and national events 
  • Exclusive invitations to lead workshops, present webinars, and participate in interviews 
  • Opportunities to collaborate on Class Intercom blogs and resources 
  • Nominate student ambassadors and advance student exposure to workshops and skill-building 
  • Receive some awesome Class Intercom-branded merch 
  • Pilot new features and functionality before official release 
  • Be the first to know about the latest updates and rollouts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Class Intercom Ambassador? 

Class Intercom Ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing their diverse experiences together to collaborate on best practices for school social media. Ambassadors receive a number of perks and benefits, including the ability to collaborate with like-minded educators to problem-solve and idea-share, early access to tech updates and rollouts at Class Intercom, additional support with projects and programs at the school and district level, support with and collaboration on events, conferences, and other presentations, and more. 

How can I become trained as a Class Intercom Ambassador? 

The first step is to submit your information online. Our team will review your application and connect to walk you through joining the program and completing the Class Intercom Ambassador training modules online. 

What is the Class Intercom Ambassador training like? 

The Class Intercom Ambassador training is a self-guided program backed by support from our team, existing CI ambassadors, and other ambassadors in training. You’ll complete the programming online, working through five individual learning modules that culminate in a capstone project. 

What does the capstone project involve? 

The capstone project helps ambassadors apply their knowledge in a way that kickstarts or evolves the school social media management program within your school or district in a meaningful way. It is intentionally designed with creative latitude in mind, so ambassadors can think through a challenge or need your current program faces, then work through a solution via this project.

How long does it take to become a trained ambassador? 

The training modules are comprised of self-guided programing. Ambassadors in training typically work through the programming over two to four weeks alongside peer education professionals that they get to know and utilize as resources. 

What do Class Intercom Ambassadors do? 

The Ambassador distinction is for education professionals who are passionate about social media and using technology to advance digital citizenship in the classroom and beyond. Ambassadors get involved by: 

  • Modeling great pedagogical and technical use of Class Intercom 
  • Using Class Intercom regularly and staying up to date with the latest Class Intercom updates 
  • Championing and advocating for Class Intercom in your school, district, or educational service unit (and beyond) 
  • Staying connected with Class Intercom and other ambassadors via online communities and events in your area 
  • Collaborating with Class Intercom as thought leaders at conferences, symposiums, panels, workshops, and other events. 
  • Sharing stories about inspiring and intentional social media instruction and management

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