Class Intercom offers three pricing tiers to meet the needs of schools and districts of all sizes.

Base Plan

$1,495 per Year

For schools with one social media brand (including accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).

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Intermediate Plan

$1,495 + $350 per Brand

For schools with multiple brands (such as additional profiles for clubs, departments, and athletics teams).

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District Plan

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For districts needing a high-level solution for multiple schools and their associated brands and channels.

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Premium Features for All

No matter your needs, you always get unlimited users with no hidden costs or fees, plus the service and support you need to activate users at every level.

  • Unlimited users (including students, educators, and administrators)
  • Unlimited posts
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Seamlessly cross-post to multiple social media platforms
  • Class Intercom training and official certification
  • Classroom and curricular resources
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with Google
  • Unlimited post archival and FOIA reporting
  • Manage pages for multiple teams, departments, and clubs
  • Tiered user access permissions
  • Advanced SSO integrations for districts (including SAML)
  • School and district-level support and implementation resources