Create content that drives your school’s social media

Be part of the content generation while helping your school with social media.

Driving Your School’s Social Media

As a student, you are a huge part of your school’s story—one that gives you incredible insight into the classes, activities, teams and events that make your school unique. Get ready to step up and tell your school’s story.

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CGTV S3 Episode 005 | Equity in Education: Empowering All Through Social Media

August 2, 2021
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Share your school’s story

Lend your voice and unique firsthand point of view to your school’s communication strategy. Let the world know your school’s impact from a student’s perspective.

Create better social media for your school

Craft hyper-local content that’s important to the students at your school as it happens, directly from your phone. Post updates live from your school events and activities.

Grow your digital marketing skills

Prepare for a future in marketing and communications by supporting your school’s social media strategy and in creating personalized and engaging content.

Build collaboration opportunities with teachers and classmates

Work together as a team to create professional, meaningful and engaging social media content.

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