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Class Intercom offers multiple levels of online certification for both students and educators. 

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About Certification

Class Intercom certification instills confidence in teachers, administrators, school PR professionals, and school IT staff charged with ensuring social media channels are properly utilized, secured, and managed. Certifications exist at multiple levels for both novice and advanced content creators and social media administrators.

In the classroom, educators use Class Intercom’s seamless certification process as an important first step for onboarding student content creators. The certification process helps students creating social media content for their schools understand how to think about and create content across various channels using the Class Intercom platform.

What to Expect

The Class Intercom Certification is administered through a series of short, self-paced, on-demand videos covering best practices for social media and digital citizenship. An online assessment is administered at the end of each level’s video series. 

 “I learned specific terminology through the certification process that helps me be a more efficient instructor with students. I look forward to using this again in August as I introduce another group of Content Generation students to the power of creation, especially creation using Class Intercom.” 

–Clay Reisler, Business Education Teacher at Pulaski Community High School

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Follow the link below to sign into Class Intercom and begin your certification. If you need login credentials, contact the Class Intercom administrator at your school or district. 

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