About Us

From its inception, Class Intercom has focused on providing the tools and resources schools and educators need to build stronger educational opportunities and community connections. As Class Intercom has continued to grow and expand to schools and students across the country and all over the world, the company has centered on that vision. A social media management solution exclusively for schools and school districts, Class Intercom is dedicated to ingenuity in education and empowering students to gain real world experience in the classroom and beyond.

Our History

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to provide schools with the tools and support they need to use, model, and teach social media in impactful and authentic ways. We build technology that streamlines school social media management, but it’s about much more

Our technology empowers schools and educators to capture the moments that matter most by putting students and staff front and center as storytellers and content creators. In doing so, digital storytelling becomes a mechanism for schools to amplify student voice, tell authentic stories, build valuable skills, and foster digital citizenship.

The result is an impactful, hands-on learning experience for students, and a more authentic and meaningful connection between schools and their communities. 

Our technology is built by innovative educators, for innovative educators, and backed by a disciplined practice of five key pedagogy pillars.


Storytelling gives voice to diverse and important experiences and includes design, language, timing, impact, audience, and more.

Skill Building

Relevant skills are crucial, including knowledge of new and emerging tech as well as the ability to collaborate and communicate.

Student Voice

Instilling value in student voice empowers students to advocate for diverse causes as they become responsible global citizens.

Digital Citizenship

Students must be prepared for the responsibility of representing themselves in an increasingly digital world.


Schools and districts play important roles as hubs for problem solving, civic engagement, and other discourse.

Leadership Team

Jill Johnson, EdD


Dr. Jill Johnson touts over 30 years of experience in education, first as an educator then as an administrator. Her dissertation research explored the role of school leaders in integrating student-led social media and content creation as an element of journalism, broadcasting, business, and marketing education. Dr. Jill holds a Bachelor’s in Education, two Master’s degrees in Instructional Technology and Education Administration, and a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership.

Ben Pankonin

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Pankonin is a seasoned entrepreneur, tech innovator, community leader, and successful business leader. Ben draws on vast experience leading scaled growth across early- and late-stage businesses in financial services, e-commerce, healthcare, and data management. He is particularly adept at navigating the complexities of heavily regulated industries. He holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and brings more than two decades of experience in tech.

Matt Secoske

Chief Information Officer

Matt Secoske is a skilled software architect and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience spanning the healthcare, financial services, media management, and hospitality industries. Matt’s breadth of experience includes involvement in Silicon Valley startups and management of global software development teams. He studied computer science and holds a Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems.

Staci Dudley

Chief Operations Officer

Staci Dudley has spent over two decades in operations, working across IT, sales, and marketing. Staci is adept at data-driven decision making and solutions design and is passionate about aligning people, processes, and outcomes. She holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism and numerous project management certifications.

Anthony Estrada

Product Director

Anthony Estrada is an experienced product owner and director, leading development and innovation teams operating in the education, financial services, and media spaces. At Class Intercom, Anthony and his team take a student- and school-centric approach, building sleek, effective, user-friendly technology that aligns with the unique needs of learners and educators.

Katie Casillas, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

Katie Casillas is an experienced marketing and communications leader who aims to humanize the impact of technology through storytelling. Katie has played a key role in the accelerated growth of numerous tech startups and is passionate about technology that makes an impact at scale. She holds a Bachelor’s in English Rhetoric and Composition and a Master’s in Business Administration.

If the Class Intercom team were given a senior superlative, it’d be a toss-up between Best School Spirit and Most Likely to Facebook Friend You.

We believe in the power of schools and the students, parents, coaches, teachers, and administrators behind them. You too? Check out our careers page, or contact info@classinterom.com to inquire about opportunities

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