About Us

Class Intercom started when the co-founder of a secure social media platform and the founder of a high school video streaming provider joined forces to develop a solution to support schools in using social media to securely communicate and educate.

With an objective to create a solution that allows students to securely create social media and share their voices in an educational setting, Class Intercom was born. Their combined knowledge of ed tech solutions and social media security brings together a platform that fosters the ability for students and educators to collaboratively communicate and build stronger digital citizenship.

Since Class Intercom’s inception, we have continued to grow working with both public and private school districts across the county helping them to implement social media solutions with a student voice. Our team has also grown by leaps and bounds with team members who are educators, ones with kids in school, PR professionals and even former student Class Intercom users. This helps us focus our perspective on what we can do to help all schools (not just the ones who are our customers) build stronger community connections and educational opportunities through social media.

Our Mission and Goals

Our mission at Class Intercom is to provide schools with both the tools and support services to allow for secure and engaging social media communications and connections. Our goal is to provide schools solutions to engage students in social media creation, create curriculum and open communication. Our company direction is driven by:


Creating positive social media experiences for all


Supporting schools in connecting, sharing and educating via social media


Developing tools to help support and enhance creative collaboration


Building tools that can be implemented to foster social marketing curriculum

Our Team

If the Class Intercom team were given a senior superlative, it would be a toss up between “Best School Spirit” and “Most Likely to Friend you on Facebook.” We believe in each of the schools we work with and love connecting with them to learn how they are communicating and connecting with students, families, staff and their community.