About Us

Class Intercom is founded on the principle of educating and empowering students and educators to collaborate and securely share their school’s story through social media.

From its inception, Class Intercom’s focus has been to provide the tools and resources to help all schools and educators (not just customers) build stronger community connections and educational opportunities through social media. As Class Intercom has continued to grow and expand to schools and students internationally, the same vision has been maintained while growing the platform and resources. As a social media management solution exclusively for schools and educators, Class Intercom is led by seasoned educator, Dr. Jill Johnson and EdTech driver Ben Pankonin. Each is dedicated to ingenuity in education and empowering students to gain real world experience in the classroom.



As an expert in social media management resources, security and regulation, Ben Pankonin founded Class Intercom to foster both collaboration and communication in schools. After meeting with a school that managed all their social media profiles and passwords on a sticky note, Ben knew that he had to create a solution to help all schools manage this. Class Intercom was then born to create a secure and centrally managed solution for social media collaboration for districts, schools and classrooms.


With over 30 years of experience in education, school administration and a doctorate in Educational Leadership, Dr. Jill Johnson helps guide Class Intercom to stay connected to administrators and educators at all levels. She is passionate about building and delivering resources to improve school communication methods through social media and providing students with the exposure needed to hone their 21st century communication skills to prepare a greater foundation for future professional opportunities.

Our Team

If the Class Intercom team were given a senior superlative, it would be a toss up between “Best School Spirit” and “Most Likely to Friend you on Facebook.” We believe in each of the schools we work with and love connecting with them to learn how they are communicating and connecting with students, families, staff and their community.

Our Mission and Goals

Our mission at Class Intercom is to provide schools with both the tools and support services to allow for secure and engaging social media communications and connections. Our goal is to provide schools solutions to engage students in social media creation, create curriculum and open communication. Our company direction is driven by:


Creating positive social media experiences for all


Supporting schools in connecting, sharing and educating via social media


Developing tools to help support and enhance creative collaboration


Building tools that can be implemented to foster social marketing curriculum