The Content Generation Workshop

A Student-Centered Digital Citizenship Event Unlike Any Other

Wednesday, October 16th

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More Connected & Collaborative than Ever

Focusing on digital content creation across social channels, the annual Content Generation Workshop (CGW) connects students from across the country and delves into a range of topics from engagement to visual branding and from video production to copywriting. It’s a unique opportunity for student content creators to connect, network, and collaborate in real-time. It’s also an important touchpoint for instilling digital responsibility and digital citizenship in today’s content creators. In doing so, we hope to garner even more momentum for our mission to make social media a force for good in learning environments all over the world.

Attracting Students Nationwide

The Content Generation Workshop is a hybrid event, hosting both in-person and virtual attendees with live presentations broadcasted in a real-time livestream from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and through satellite host locations across the country. From Quick Hit Challenges to live sessions and from guest speakers to live content contest submissions, the Content Generation Workshop is a truly immersive, hard-hitting event unlike any other.

Join us virtually from anywhere in the world, at the main event in Lincoln, Nebraska, or in-person at a satellite location. Hosted at approved venues by Class Intercom partners, satellite workshops allow us to bring more students together for more enriching in-person experiences. Note: Student teams must have an adult chaperone in order to attend a CGW workshop event at the Main Event site or a Satellite Location.

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The Content Generation Workshop has welcomed a variety of speakers with rich histories, experiences, and backgrounds.

We’re honored to provide a platform for these innovators, business professionals, storytelling, and civic leaders to share their stories with students in a way that exposed them to the power, responsibility, and impact of content creation. 

Erin Sorensen

Emmy-Award-Winning Sports Reporter & Producer

Kristin Sukraw

Executive Producer, Author, and Filmmaker

Erik Miller

Creative Agency Founder

Noah Young

Social Media Influencer and Agriculture Thought-Leader

Jemalyn Griffin

integrated Marketing Communications Expert and Advertising/Public Relations Professor

Natalie Micale

Web Design and Branding Agency Founder and CEO

Challenging Students & Schools to Create Content in Real-Time

CGW features a number of hands-on opportunities for student content creators to think outside the box and put their skills to the test. Quick-Hit Challenges, for example, push students to explore content around a certain theme, creating it and submitting it to social channels in real-time. Students apply what they’re learning, work together, and then get to see their work alongside the work of students at other schools all over the country. The result is a uniquely collaborative and challenging environment that reflects the learning, growth, and innovation happening through student content creation in unique ways.

Ways to Support the Content Generation Workshop

Whether you’re a student, educator, content creator, community leader, business leader, or simply a passionate community member, there are a number of ways to support the Content Generation Workshop. Here are just a few.

Host a Local Workshop

The experience of collaborating with local business leaders, community organizers, and other movers and shakers is incredibly valuable for students. It also makes the Content Generation Workshop a fundamentally more accessible experience by eliminating and/or reducing travel expenses and time commitments for participants. We bring this vision to life by partnering with passionate leaders in communities all over the country to run concurrent local workshops. Interested in learning more about hosting a local workshop or supporting one in your community? Inquire below.

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Become a Sponsor

Contributions from incredibly generous sponsors help the Content Generation Workshop reach more students and do more good for school communities. Your support provides critical resources that help us reach more students and engage more schools in critical topics like storytelling, student voice, skill building, and what it means to be a responsible global citizen. Interested in sponsoring the 2023 Content Generation Workshop? Contact us to learn more about current needs and available opportunities.

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Share your Story

The Content Generation Workshop is known for hosting diverse speakers and workshop leaders with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to share. If you have a story to tell, experience to share, skillset to teach, or message to communicate, we want to hear from you. Please submit an inquiry below to learn more about potential opportunities to lend your gifts and passions to our student content creators.

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