Keep your school’s social media safe and secure

Increase school social media account security and reduce risk while allowing multiple users to contribute to social media content – even students.

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Social Media Security for Schools

One of the biggest questions facing IT professionals is how to securely allow multiple contributors access to their social media accounts. Class Intercom’s proprietary workflows and user management processes allow education technology and security professionals to tackle that concern to allow for secure social media content collaboration.

Secure social media management for schools

Centralized management of social profiles and passwords secures your social media data and limits third-party access to protected school, student and staff information.

Archive all social media content automatically

All content is maintained in its original form, ready for 24/7 search and export in response to open records requests, compliance officials and public information searches.

Create and maintain specific permissions

Tailor specific roles and permissions to each individual user—students, teachers, administrators and more.

Enjoy savings at the school and district level

Class Intercom is scalable and can be made available to an unlimited number of users who manage, monitor and secure multiple social pages, activities and schools.

Social media archiving made easy for schools

Class Intercom has fully integrated social media archiving to securely store all data in one location giving you the ability to easily review, access and retrieve open records requests.

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