Automatically archive social media content. It’s that easy.

Archive all of your school’s social media posts and engagement for simple open public records management.

How is Class Intercom Different from Archival-Only Solutions?

Class Intercom helps you manage your social media, helping you manage user access, educate students on
social and create custom approvals.

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Social Media Archiving for Schools

As the only social media archival solution designed exclusively for schools, we take care of archiving all your social media posts and activity automatically so you can focus on what matters most to you— connecting with your students, staff and community.

Combine social media creation and records management

Consolidate your social media content creation and archival into one platform. Automatically archive your social media activity for all your social profiles, including posts, edits, deletions and comments.

Stay compliant with state open records regulations

Our software is built upon a foundation of records and regulation management, with features to accommodate state and local open records requirements.

Manage open records requests with ease

Easily search and filter social media posts, comments, messages and activity by social profiles, schools, topic labels and users.

On demand social media records reporting and exporting

Download and export complete social media content records in multiple formats for sharing and review with a single click.

Keeping your school’s social media secure

Even before a social media posts reaches the point of archiving, your first responsibility is to ensure secure access and thorough post review. Class Intercom provides the technology structure for a safe and secure social media experience district wide.

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