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How to Safely Involve Students in Your School’s Social Media Content Creation and Why It Matters

By July 6, 20201 min read

We recently caught up with Jill Johnson at Seward High School to talk about the value of student involvement in your school’s social media content creation. Jill is a great example of a school administrator who immediately saw how Class Intercom could elevate student voice. 

Jill is the Assistant Principal at Seward High School. She spent 17 years in the classroom and three years as a Professional Development Consultant at Educational Service Unit 6 before moving into her current role. She’s also pursuing a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership through the University of Nebraska and we’ve loved getting to see how she involves students in social media content strategy.

During this video, you will learn:

  • How Class Intercom came along side Jill when crafting her campaign, “What it means to be a Blue Jay.”
  • You will hear about the need to unify social media accounts at Seward High School and how Class Intercom helped solve that problem.
  • How Class Intercom makes the process safe and efficient for students, teachers and administrators to collaborate and share content.

To watch the full program, click HERE.