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Engaging Families and Empowering Students Through Unified Communications with Chad Stevens

By April 10, 20241 min read

Join us for a conversation with Chad Stevens, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at ParentSquare, the leading provider of innovative family and community engagement solutions for K-12 education. With a rich 28-year background that spans both public and private sectors in education and technology, Stevens shares his insights into the interplay between teaching and tech.

This conversation explores the evolving world of digital education, shining a light on the crucial role of effective school public relations, the art of genuine storytelling, and the strategic use of technology to enhance the educational journey for students and families alike.

You’ll also learn how ParentSquare is leading a communication revolution, directly impacting 17 million families nationwide. Stevens opens up about the company’s latest strategic partnerships and acquisitions, highlighting how these developments are reinforcing the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and positive impact.

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Chad Stevens
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at ParentSquare