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Using Instagram Stickers on Stories

Insights from Student Content Creators

By April 6, 20243 min read

Using Instagram stickers–such as polls and quizzes–in your stories helps your followers participate and gets your posts more attention. To implement stickers in your daily stories, follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Open Instagram

Open the Instagram app on your device. 

Step 2: Access Stories

Swipe right from your Instagram feed or tap on your profile picture to access the Stories camera. 

Step 3: Capture or Select a Photo/Video

Take a photo or video using the camera, or choose one from your gallery.

Step 4: Use the Stickers Icon

After capturing or selecting your media, look for the square smiley face icon at the top of the screen. Tap on it to open the stickers menu.

Step 5: Select A Sticker

In the stickers menu, you’ll find various options. To add a poll or quiz, choose the respective sticker.

Step 6: Customize Sticker

Enter your question for a poll or quiz, and customize the options accordingly. Make sure to choose the right answer for the quiz.

Step 7: Position & Resize

Drag the sticker to your desired location on the screen and resize it as needed.

Step 8: Post your Story

Once you’re satisfied, tap the white arrow in the bottom right corner, then post your story.

Editor’s Note:

The following is a step-by-step walkthrough created by Carlie, a high school student content creator. At Class Intercom, we’re passionate about empowering content creators to learn new skills and evolve existing ones. That includes formal instruction in the classroom, learning by doing, and experimenting with tools and ideas. The next step is sharing that knowledge with others. The Insights from Student Content Creators series allows students to share their knowledge and experiences with a global audience.

Tips for Engagement

Our three best interactive stories have been from three recurring types of content. First, Rate Ganz’s Jokes. Every Friday our principal tells jokes over the intercom in the mornings. We take his jokes and have students rate them using these stickers on Instagram with the thumbs up slider. Second, Guess the Teacher. Once a week we ask three teachers for a unique fact about themselves. Then, we post them to our school’s Instagram stories to see if students can guess which teacher goes with which unique fact. Lastly, Would You Rather Wednesday. We brainstorm funny, creative would-you-rather questions and post them to our school’s Instagram stories once a week, using stickers to prompt our audience to engage. 

Following these eight easy steps–and thinking outside the box to put them to good use–helps your posts get attention and get your followers to interact with them. The more you share interactive stories, the more followers you will gain!

This story is part of a series called Insights from Student Content Creators. If you know a student, educator, or community member with a skill or story to share about the power of content and storytelling, send them our way! Amplifying student voices and sharing authentic stories is at the core of Class Intercom. Drop us a line and let’s get in touch.

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Carlie Zimbelman

Carlie Zimbelman is a student at Kearney High School, where she joined the student social media team after taking a marketing class her sophomore year. Carlie is also involved in FFA (Future Farmers of America), dance, and youth group, in addition to holding a part-time job.