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3 ways your school can prepare for a social media FOIA request

By August 11, 20202 min read

It’s no secret that COVID-19 is presenting new challenges for schools especially when it comes to public relations and social media communications. As our team at Class Intercom has observed and read comments on social media, the challenge of establishing trust between parents, educators, political officials and journalists could not be harder.

These communication challenges and a perceived lack of transparency are why we see a dramatic increase in the number of FOIA requests specific to social media. Because of this, your school should be taking action and preparing for how to respond to FOIA requests

Here are 3 ways your school can prepare for a potential social media FOIA request

Make sure you have an archive tool in place before you have a FOIA request.

It might sound like simple advice, but it’s more complicated than you think. Sure, you could purchase an archival tool today that might be able to go back and pull reports before the date you started using it. However, there are limits when content has been edited or removed before that tool was put in place. As the only social media archival solution designed exclusively for schools, we take care of archiving all your social media posts and activity automatically. Class Intercom allows you to download and export complete social media content records in multiple formats for sharing and review with a single click.

Choose an archive tool that allows you to manage your social media at the same time.

This is important because you are killing two birds with one stone and when budgets are tight, it’s important you are purchasing a tool that allows you to do both. In addition to archiving, Class Intercom allows you to create a single post for multiple social channels, view all your social profiles, approve posts, and manage content and engagement – all from a single dashboard on mobile or desktop.

Choose an archive tool that understands education.

At Class Intercom, we understand the challenges facing public schools today. As the only social media management platform created specifically for educational use, Class Intercom is the smartest, simplest way to manage social media profiles for a single school or an entire district. Across the country, educators, administrators and students are already using Class Intercom to create, schedule, moderate, publish, monitor and archive great social media—all in one place. Click HERE to schedule a demo.