Don’t Just Archive, Manage Your School’s Social Media

Class Intercom not only archives your social media content to keep it compliant with state and federal laws, it helps you “Manage” all social media.

Archival is a Feature

Archival-only social media solutions provide mandated storage and reporting that are critical for open records management. But why buy an expensive solution with limited use? Invest instead in a social media management suite that supports all your social media communications and provides educational development opportunities.

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What does Class Intercom do beyond an archival-only solution?

Manage User Access

Control access to all school social accounts in one place with customizable user roles and restrictions. Secure roles allow administrators, educators and even students to create and collaborate on social media content. Single Sign-On (SSO) with platforms like Google, Microsoft and SAML make access easy to manage across your school or district.

IT Professionals use Class Intercom to manage social media access.

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Educate Students on Social

Social media content creation is a skill that every student should learn. Whether crafting content for their school, athletic teams or clubs, Class Intercom provides an educational platform for students and educators to collaborate in person and virtually to guide students in becoming effective social content creators.

Educators use Class Intercom to teach digital citizenship with social media.

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Create Custom Approvals

Create a social media content collaboration and approval workflow process for all posts and comments. This allows administrators to invite staff, educators and even students to create social posts, images and videos that require approval before being published to the social media sites. Content can be created and approved from web or mobile apps.

School PR Professionals use Class Intercom to collaborate on social media.

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