The Content Generation Award

We have concluded our 2022 Content Generation Awards. You can view our winners and finalists below. Check back in Spring 2023 to enter next year!

2022 Student Winner

Natalie headed up our school social media team using Class Intercom. Natalie trained representatives to post about student achievements throughout spectrum of the school. Natalie also runs our “Who Knew Wednesday’s” and “Throwback Thursday’s.” Natalie also headed up a committee to present at Fall NETA in Kearney, Nebraska. Natalie has done an outstanding job working with Class Intercom to tell the great stories of SHS!

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2022 Educator Winner

Jamie Beavers is the leading teacher content creator on the Class Intercom platform for the district. She also creates the weekly Parent and Student Email Newsletter sent out by the principal that includes the upcoming week’s calendar, student and staff highlights/awards, and content created by students.

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2022 Student Runner-Up

Elliot started learning coding at school when he was a kindergartner. He has been coding his own games ever since. He loves to incorporate his school assignments with his coding skills turning them into fun coding projects.

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2022 Educator Runner-Up

Every Mustang Public Schools student is part of a learning community dedicated to meeting each child’s needs through evolving personalized learning experiences and opportunities. We value our rich history of pairing talented staff with quality tools and resources to support each student’s learning, and will continue to do so as we move forward in providing a student-centered education.

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Content Generation Award

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