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Educators Earn Recognition for Unique School Social Media Initiatives

By May 2, 20225 min read

Educators Innovate to Keep Up with 21st Century Skills

As the economy shifts, 21st century skills have been identified and schools around the country are working to ensure students can practice and build their competencies. Using technology and collaborating via social media provide authentic learning opportunities in developing them:

Learning Skills

  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Collaborating
  • Communicating

Literacy Skills

  • Information Literacy
  • Media Literacy
  • Technology Literacy

Life Skills

  • Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Social Skills
  • Productivity
  • Leadership

The Content Generation Award showcases educators who are innovative in their pursuit of ensuring students have authentic opportunities to strengthen these essential skills while still in K-12 schools. Educators throughout the country were nominated for the award  based on their work to utilize social media to connect with others and highlight their educational community. 

After a nomination period and public voting period, two teachers were named winner and runner up. All nominations exemplify how educators are innovative and steadfast  in their pursuit of preparing students with the skills needed to achieve success in the world outside of their classrooms, while keeping learning fun, authentic, and practical.

Educator Wins with Student-Led Social Media Group

Jamie Beavers, journalism teacher at Midway High School in Waco, Texas, is this year’s Content GenerationⓇ Award Winner for her initiative focused on College and Technical Education (CTE) Month. The mission of the initiative was to shine light on the CTE educators at their school.

Beavers’s CTE Month initiative provided students in her Newspaper class an experience in creating content for a purpose other than themselves. Students generated interview questions, interviewed educators, analyzed social media channels for posting, photographed , and shared their posts using the Class Intercom platform.  Students in her class not only refined their 21st century skills, but also applied journalism, marketing, digital literacy, and digital media skills. She taught them to think about people and programs, social media channel’s purposes, and collaboration.

Photo of Jamie Beavers, educator winner of the Content Generation Award.
Photo of Beaver's Newspaper social media team

The initiative didn’t only impact the content creators in Newspaper class, but also students in Jenny Kolb’s Graphic Design class. They created graphics that paired with the CTE posts.

The impact Beavers has using social media at her school doesn’t end with this project. She is also the leading educator contributor on the Class Intercom platform for the district. She creates weekly parent and student email newsletters and creates posts that  highlight students and educators throughout the district.

Social post of the CTE initiative.
Data evidence of the increase in engagement due to Beaver's work.

Since Beavers started using Class Intercom in 2019, social media traffic and engagements for the school have increased across all social channels. She doesn’t do it alone, she appoints two or more students each year to serve as social media managers and has lessons on etiquette and rules for posting. Beavers’s creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking named her the winner of The 2022 Content Generation Award.

Educator Achieves Runner Up for Whole School Initiative

John Wilson, Director of Communications at Mustang Public Schools in Mustang, Oklahoma, is dedicated to meeting each child’s needs through evolving personalized learning experiences and opportunities. One way he does this is through the Student 1:1 program, #WeAreMpowered

The program is designed to empower MPS students’ personalized learning, future ready journeys. All students in grades 5-12 use a district-owned chromebook to expand access to content. 

With the push for students to be college and career ready and equipped with 21st century skills, the use of technology allows for evidence-based instructional approaches and new learning opportunities. 

Educators in the district are equipped with specially designed professional development to support the facilitation, guidance, and personalization of student learning with research-based practices to enhance lessons, projects, problem solving, and assignments. Additionally, educators are helping students develop key students skills and responsibilities necessary to safely and effectively navigate the digital transformation of today and the highly-skilled, technology driven global world of tomorrow. 

Prior to implementation of this initiative, Wilson utilized videos, graphics, and  social media to ensure stakeholders understood the facts behind the bond. Since the program’s approval, he continues to work to help both educators and students find success with technology. His work uniting the community and school has  earned him runner-up for The 2022 Content Generation Award.

Innovation and Passion Drive Educators

As the world keeps changing and new challenges arise for educators, they continue to move forward with innovation, passion, and tenacity to serve the students in our county.

As a former educator and high school assistant principal, I know that the outcomes of their efforts do not represent the challenges they overcome. Education evolves over time to keep up with our global society. Teachers continue to learn how to best address the changes while keeping in mind pedagogy and research-based practices.

Be sure to take a look, admire even, the finalists of The 2022 Content Generation Award. You are sure to witness the work that goes into preparing students with 21st century skills by creating  authentic, student-centered projects and guaranteeing access to opportunities for all learners.

A big thank you to the nominators and nominees and all the educators who capitalize on social media to develop the content generation and unify communities. Your work is important in telling the stories of your students, educators, schools, and communities. 

Congratulations Jamie Beavers and John Wilson!

Join us for our webinar, Why Would I Let My Students Take Over Our School’s Social Media?, on April 20th at 3:30 CST.

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  1. Determine quality content
  2. Teach students to create quality content
  3. Ensure the content represents the school brand
  4. Highlight examples of student work
Jill Johnson

Over her 30 year career in education, Dr. Jill has served in various roles including secondary ELA teacher, professional development consultant, and high school administrator. After completing her doctoral study, Technology Leadership Qualities in Secondary Principals in Nebraska who Support Student-led Social Media Teams, Jill began her tenure as Class Intercom President.