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Kindergartener Elliot Ma on his Love for Teaching Other Kids to Code

By June 3, 20222 min read

Congratulations to Elliot Ma, the 2022  Content Generation® Award student runner-up! Elliot–a fourth grader at Bear Creek Elementary in Austin, Texas–started his coding journey as a kindergartner in his school’s computer science enrichment program. Ever since, Elliot has been coding his own games and turning his school assignments into fun coding projects, like this animation he created based on Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb.” 

Elliot has a YouTube channel called Code&Gamology where he shares his knowledge of coding with other kinds around the world. His commitment to creatively sharing stories through coding earns him a spot in the Content Generation hall of fame.

My Coding Journey

By Elliot Ma, 4th Grade Student, Bear Creek Elementary

“Elliot! Stop playing video games! Go do your homework!!!” exclaimed my mom. My mom doesn’t like video games, and claims that “they hurt your eyes”. But I then asked myself a question–one of the questions that sparked my coding journey. What would happen if I made my own video game?

Content Generation Award Winner Elliot Ma's YouTube channel that teaches other children how to code

Elliot’s YouTube channel, Code&Gamology, shares his love for coding with other children.

My coding journey began in kindergarten. I participated in an after school program that teaches young kids coding. This began my interest in coding. After that, I kept on learning coding by myself. My thirst for coding knowledge spread to multiple different coding languages. I then realized that I could share my passion with other kids, so I began Code&Gamology in the hope of spreading the passion of coding. I wanted to teach others that coding wasn’t as hard as they thought it was.

Content Generation Award Winner Elliot Ma uses a program called Scratch to create his coding games

Elliot uses Scratch, an educational programming tool for kids, to create his animations and games.

My coding passion has lasted for a long time now, and it will continue to be one of my number one passions thanks to several things. I am very grateful that all my schools and teachers supported my passions, especially Bear Creek Elementary. Bear Creek Elementary gives students access to a coding program called “Hello World!”. Hello world has moved me a step forward in coding, allowing me to code in a 3-dimensional world.

And I have pretty much covered all of my coding journey…wait…there is still one more thing! Please like, share, and subscribe to my YouTube page, Code&Gamology!

Jess Doerr

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