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2022 Content Generation Award Student Winner – Natalie K.

By March 21, 20222 min read

Natalie headed up our school social media team using Class Intercom. Natalie trained representatives to post about student achievements throughout spectrum of the school. Natalie also runs our “Who Knew Wednesday’s” and “Throwback Thursday’s.” Natalie also headed up a committee to present at Fall NETA in Kearney, Nebraska. Natalie has done an outstanding job working with Class Intercom to tell the great stories of SHS!

At Seward Public Schools, I am the Social Media Intern which has led me to a variety of projects through Class Intercom and the Multimedia Program. One of my roles as a Social Media Intern is to keep a Class Intercom Schedule of Events. This is a spreadsheet that lists all the events of the school year to make sure there is a graphic and student representative for the activity. Another role that I have is assigning a student to be the Social Media Representative in each activity such as football, FFA, or quiz bowl to post on Class Intercom. 

This past year, I led a team to present at the Fall Nebraska Technology Conference with the topic of how student leaders drive technology communication in schools. This presentation challenged our team and forced us to think outside of the box to create a slideshow to entertain our audience. 

For the past three years I have been making “Who Knew Wednesday” and “Throwback Thursday” posts which includes more students and staff. 

One of my goals for Seward Public School’s social media pages is to add more creative videos and pictures to connect with more audiences. One way I did this was by interviewing some football players before the state playoffs and asking them some fun questions such as, “Who has the best helmet hair?” This was an incredible success and I hope that continues in the years to come. Overall, Multimedia and Class Intercom has influenced me positively and led me to decide to pursue a media related career in college!

Check out the initiative here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13cQ3Z95BGYZBDzrWbKCecpuFlS4qMteJ_2lDvQo6Cwo/edit?usp=sharing

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