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TikTok, Reels & Beyond: What’s Trending in Social Media & How Schools Can Capitalize

What’s popular can change quickly, especially when it comes to social media. As an educational institution, it can be tough to know what’s worth investing your time and resources in. Ben Pankonin, co-founder and CEO of Class Intercom, and Jess Doerr, Communications Manager, share their expertise in social media marketing and engagement to explain it to us.

In this webinar, Ben and Jess break down the latest in social media—including powerful platforms like TikTok—offering a no-nonsense explanation of how new platforms work, plus some practical insights on how districts, schools, and programs can use them to engage educators, parents, students, and communities.

  • A look at the trends and platforms that are disrupting social media
  • What’s resonating with Gen Z and younger audiences (and what’s not)
  • How schools can leverage new features and channels to engage educators, parents, students, and the community


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