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Developing Content Creators from a Distance

Illustration of computer with three people icons in a circle with chat boxes next to each person on top of a yellow background

Shifting gears a bit for this webinar. As we discussed with our team we thought it might be a bit too early to discuss how students can become content creators at a distance. That is the goal eventually. However, this week is about so much more.

We asked the question: “How have you been encouraged this week?” and “How can we support you?”

During this webinar we discuss the challenges of working from home, how you can equip your current team of content creators and why developing a mantra is important during this time.

Here are three things you can do today with your students, teachers and your community as you navigate this difficult time:

  1. Discuss effective strategies for working from home while managing a stressful situation.
  2. Discuss how you can equip your current team of content creators from a distance.
  3. Develop a mantra.

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