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How Schools are Communicating COVID-19 on Social Media

By April 1, 20201 min read

A free, on-demand webinar from Thursday, April 9th that we shared social media trends and strategies in education during COVID-19.

As schools across the country have begun navigating the changes the COIVD-19 pandemic has brought, many have relied on social media more than ever as a resource to connect. With no historical data to reference, Class Intercom has taken an early snapshot of how schools have used social media in these first few weeks gathered through our recent COVID-19 Social Media Communications survey.

During this webinar, we discussed trends and success stories gathered through our social media trends survey including:

    • Communication priorities
    • Trending social media hurdles
    • Lessons learned
  • Effective tactics and success stories

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Download the Report Find out the top priorities, concerns and examples from schools around COVID-19 communications on social media Class Intercom logo on top of a book cover with a graphic of a girl on her laptop with other images Text on report How Schools are Communicating COVID-19 on Social Media Survey Report

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