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Each webinar is hosted for free to school and districts interested in learning more about Class Intercom. Each presentation will also include a demonstration of our platform.

Upcoming Webinar:

Top Social Media Trends in Education for 2020

Wednesday, December 18th at 4:00 pm CST

Where do schools and districts across the country stand today in their social media practices and policies? How does your school district compare?

To help answer these questions, and much more, Class Intercom surveyed educators and administrators across the country to find out more about how they are using social media. Pulling together the experiences of both individual schools and districts both public and private, Class Intercom compiled the 2019-2020 Social Media Trends in Education Report.

During this webinar, Class Intercom will reveal:

• How schools and districts are managing multiple social media pages.
• How student-generated social content is being implemented.
• How schools and districts are using social advertising and analytics to help schools target communications.
• How you can organize and moderate social media posts in 2020 using Class Intercom!

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