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Schools face high stakes in increasingly tumultuous political and community environments, making it more important than ever to capture and share the stories that humanize their students and staff. But how? How can school PR and communications professionals, administrators, and educators possibly be everywhere at once? How can they capture and share the diverse and compelling stories that reflect the experiences of students and staff with little time and near-impossible logistics? 

In this webinar, lifelong educator Dr. Jill Johnson and social media guru Ben Pankonin tackle this seemingly complex challenge with practical tips and insights for gathering, curating, and sharing content across school communities. They’ll talk about the logistics of being everywhere at once. How, exactly, schools can crowdsource content from various members of their school communities, while also maintaining secure platforms with unified messaging and branding. It all adds up to diverse and powerful stories that engage school communities and help schools share the positive work they’re doing on an ongoing basis.  

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Key Takeaways 

  1. Tips for crowdsourcing social media content from your school community 
  2. What student and staff involvement in social media looks like 
  3. How to rethink your social media policies and processes
  4. How to empower storytelling across your school