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The Content Generation Episode 31: Jennifer Randall

By February 3, 20201 min read

Jen Randall is a 17-year veteran of the high school classroom. She started as a choral and show choir director and now travels the country hosting clinics, consulting and judging competitive show choir. In recent years, she has gone back to her journalistic roots, and now teaches Digital Media and produces KDGN (broadcast channel) for Carroll ISD in Southlake, TX. 

Using her background in stage performance and knowledge of social media, Randall and her co-teacher Natalie Brown, are working to create a digital and print media department that prepares their students to be a part of the future of news production on all platforms.

During this interview, we spoke with Jennifer about social media, content creation and how she’s inspiring the next generation of content creators.

You can follow her on Instagram and her student’s work on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat: @slcdragonmedia