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Using Social Media for Real World Learning & Community Engagement

By March 13, 20241 min read

This episode of the Content Generation Podcast features  Kyleigh Kumm, a computer science and technology integration teacher at Harlan Community High School in Harlan, Iowa. In response to the need to get social media channels running for the district and buildings, Kumm proposed recruiting student content creators to help. 

Now, these talented and experienced content creators are chasing after a new goal: Kumm is developing an authentic learning class aimed at building student resumes and portfolios. After a successful rollout of the first iteration of the class, local businesses are getting involved, creating a unique opportunity for student content creators to gain real world experience not only with school social media content, but with content for actual local businesses. Her innovative, hands-on approach to working with students to learn, explore, and apply a range of skills has even led to the first ever live student social media contest at the Nebraska Education Technology Association spring conference. 

Catch this episode for especially innovative insights on student involvement, championing student voice, real world learning, authentic assessment in practice, and more. 

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Kyleigh Kumm
Computer Science & Technology Integration Teacher