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From Teacher to Social Media Manager: The Power of Authentic Storytelling

By April 30, 20241 min read

Join us as we welcome Sydney Jensen, returning guest and 2019 Nebraska Teacher of The Year. Sydney is an esteemed educator from Lincoln High School (located in the heart of the state’s capital city). She first appeared on The Content Generation Podcast in December 2019. Now, after a decade of teaching, Sydney not only imparts her wisdom on ninth-grade English students but also manages the school’s social media presence.

At first, Sydney was hesitant when Principal, Mark Larson, suggested she take on this responsibility, but after seeing the pages could use some extra care, she made a video at the eighth-grade open house that went viral. From highlighting new clubs to capturing quirky moments like alien hugs in the cafeteria, Sydney’s content has resonated deeply with Lincoln High’s community, propelling it to become the most followed high school in the district.

Drawing from the vibrant experiences of one of the state’s largest and most diverse high schools, Sydney shares her plans for growth and the meaningful impact social media has had on both the school and its community. It’s a tale of authenticity, connection, and the influence of engaging stories.

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Sydney Jensen
English Teacher & Instructional Coordinator