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How To Move Your School’s Social Media Forward in a Budget Crunch

We know that this is a really important time for schools to continue to share their stories. With so much uncertainty right now among schools, we’ve had some difficult conversations with schools about budgets being slashed. So, how do you ask for software like Class Intercom in the midst of a budget crisis?

We reached out to Heather Callihan, who has been with Class Intercom from the very beginning. 

Heather has worked in the field of education for over 21 years and today is the Technology Integration Specialist for Northwest Public Schools in Grand Island, Nebraska.

During this video, you will learn:

  • How utilizing student talent helps reduce budget cost.
  • How using Class Intercom offered consistency and tracking for her team.
  • How using Class Intercom prepares students for future opportunities.

To watch the full program, click HERE.

Author: Ben Pankonin

Ben can be contacted at ben@socialassurance.com

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