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Why does DigCit Week Matter?

In a time where there is a holiday for every day of the year and we have no shortage of challenges in education, why is #DigCitWeek important? I think it’s time we take a look at some of the myths that digital citizenship week can address.

Myth 1: Students know the tools, so they will be great digital citizens.

Sure, drivers-ed teaches kids how to drive, but it also explains the purpose and impact that is involved in being a good driver. It’s not about whether or not to press the gas and break, it’s about getting practice, learning the tools and developing experience.

Myth 2: We’ve already warned students of the dangers of social media.

Imagine if we taught civics with this same laziness and you stood up at the beginning of your class and said, “This is everything you should avoid as a citizen in our society.” Instead, we teach about the process, about how leaders are formed and how to think about others in our society, not just yourself.

Myth 3: Everyone can just follow good examples.

It’s crucial that we teach students how to think critically about good social media from individuals, brands and peers. But to see the next generation of digital leaders, we need to challenge them to come up with their own ways to be inspiring and to lead their peers.

It’s time we look for #DigCitWeek to help us take digital citizenship to a new level.