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School Spotlight: Christian Heritage Academy

By November 6, 20182 min read

School: Christian Heritage Academy

Location: Dell City, Oklahoma

Enrollment: 600+ Students; Pre-K through High School

Website: http://www.cha.org/

Social Media Profiles:





We interviewed Kyle Smith, Director of Technology, at Christian Heritage Academy to learn more about how they’ve unified their voice on social media by using students.

How Class Intercom has helped CHA empower students to create social content?

The biggest thing that I’ve found that makes the most engaging content, is content that is being generated by the students who are actually there. The content becomes more relevant to students because it’s the type of news they want to see.

What problem has Class Intercom helped you solve?

One of the problems we had was not being on a verified page. The problem with that was not having control over what content was coming out about our school from different groups of people. By using Class Intercom, we have a unified voice to create a channel that allows us to get rid of unofficial communication because our students become the official voice.

When did you realize you needed a product like Class Intercom?

I can’t be everywhere at once. Our staff can’t either. We have such a variety of activities and student leadership going on in our school that for one person to assume the responsibility of documenting everything that goes on would become overwhelming. With Class Intercom, we can have students who are actually in these activities documenting what’s happening for us because they are already there. It’s organic.

Three ways Class Intercom has improved your school’s social media?

  1. Empowered students to create content they care about.
  2. Gave us an official channel and voice to share our story
  3. Teaching our students and community how to use social media in appropriate and proper context.