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Archiving and Open Records Requests. What's not to love? Class Intercom logo

Archiving & Open Records Requests. What’s not to love?

If you haven’t fallen in love with the idea of social media archiving, you’re not alone. The legal challenges, reporting and centralizing all of your social media logins can be overwhelming. During this webinar, Class Intercom will guide you through: 1. What you need to know about archiving your school’s social media. 2. Why digital

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CGTV Episode 002 | You are a content creator

In the second episode of CGTV on YouTube presented by Class Intercom, Mitch discusses what a content creator is. By nature, we are all content creators, it’s just a matter of how we go about doing it. He’ll touch on how we can go about sharing our daily lives by examining the life of Kobe

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CGTV Episode 001 - This is how you do social media

CGTV Episode 001 | This is how you do social media

Welcome to the first episode of Content Generation TV (CGTV) on YouTube presented by Class Intercom! Mitch Fisher, the host of CGTV, will take you through tips, interviews, memes, and fun stories involving the use of social media for your personal account and for your school. Successful content generation is a skill that takes a

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the content generation logo episode 31 jennifer randall carroll isd photo of jennifer on the left side

The Content Generation Episode 31: Jennifer Randall

Jen Randall is a 17-year veteran of the high school classroom. She started as a choral and show choir director and now travels the country hosting clinics, consulting and judging competitive show choir. In recent years, she has gone back to her journalistic roots, and now teaches Digital Media and produces KDGN (broadcast channel) for

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