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Can You Auto-Schedule Social Media Posts? Yes. Here’s How. 

By January 31, 20242 min read

Unsure about the optimal time to post to your organization’s business page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), or LinkedIn? Late morning, early afternoon, weekdays, Sundays–when’s the best time to post on each platform to reach your ideal audience? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just automate the task of thinking through when to post? Well, you can. Here’s how it works. 

Auto-Scheduling on Social Media

Class Intercoms’s school social media management software makes it easy to automatically schedule a post for the optimal time thanks to its auto-schedule feature. Designed specifically for the unique needs of schools and school districts, the Class Intercom platform makes it easy for educators, PR professionals, interns, and even students with appropriate access to draft, edit, and schedule content directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), and LinkedIn. With auto-schedule functionality built right in, users can opt for the platform to automatically suggest an optimal time to for the post. Those with appropriate moderation-level access can also approve and publish content. 

How to Use Auto-Schedule

Users with access to draft and submit content for review and approval simple use the compose tool to draft a post, selecting one or multiple channels where they’d like to schedule the post to be published. Selecting the arrow icon in the window’s schedule section deploys the app’s suggestive scheduling algorithm–automatically suggesting and choosing the optimal time to publish the post. It’s that easy. 

Key Benefits

Whether you’re a communications team of one, or working with teams across multiple building, departments, or classes–the ability to auto-schedule social media posts has a number of key benefits. 

  1. Time Savings
    Removing a step from the equation is a small bit of time savings that can certainly add up. 
  2. Reduce Steps & Mistakes
    The advantage of having one less thing to think about, plan out, and approve can also reduce mistakes. 
  3. Optimize the Impact of Content
    Know that your content is being published to maximize views and engagement every single time. 
  4. Avoid Scheduling Mishaps
    The feature is programmed to ensure posts aren’t scheduled on top of each other, limiting issues.

Learn More & Get Started

Interested in learning more about how your school or districts could benefit from streamlining post scheduling through a solution that checks every box when it comes to the unique social media needs of the education sector? Get in touch. Hate these forms? Reach us directly at info@classintercom.com.

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