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Class Intercom Hires Educator as President to Social Media Education Advancement

By May 4, 20212 min read

Class Intercom, a software leader in school social media management, has announced that Dr. Jill Johnson has joined its team as President. Johnson is making a shift from a high school administrator to EdTech leadership to help schools globally advance their social media practices and encompass student-led social content creation.

Johnson’s focus as Class Intercom President will be to help educate schools, administrators and teachers on social media management and content creation in scholastic environments.  She brings over 30 years of experience in education and a proven student driven social program track record to Class Intercom. Johnson will employ her passion for education and social media communications to support educators on a national and global scale. 

“I truly believe that every school needs Class Intercom tools and methodology integrated into their communication and curriculum strategies. Not only does it empower students to help tell their school’s story, but it presents systematic social media management to ensure security,” Johnson shares.

Johnson spent the past two years implementing successful student social media content creation programs as Assistant Vice Principal at Seward High School in Seward, Neb. utilizing Class Intercom. She additionally recently completed her doctoral dissertation on the value of student-led social media. Johnson’s background and passion gave Class Intercom’s leadership confidence in her ability to advance the brand to connect with and lead districts and schools in advancing their communication practices through social media.

“Social media content creation is an element of journalism, broadcasting, business and marketing education that needs to be integrated into the school curriculum to prepare students for today’s professional world,” shared Class Intercom founder, Ben Pankonin. “Jill’s background, leadership and expertise will help guide schools to successfully integrate the real and essential student content contributions securely into their social media strategies.”

To learn more about Johnson and Class Intercom helping to advance social media communications and curriculum, visit www.classintercom.com