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12 Days of Content

By December 16, 20191 min read

Right now administrators, teachers and students are counting down the days until Holiday break. If you’re still planning content between now and next semester, we know it can be easy to check out and not think about content until January. As we mentioned in our Thanksgiving post, your holiday content for your school should be more than just photos of hot chocolate or gifts. Instead, think about content that can bring value and really engage your audience.


12 Content Ideas for over the Holidays

  1. Create sharable lists that increase engagement. If you haven’t seen this trend on Instagram stories, accounts share an image encouraging followers to screenshot and answer the questions. This could look like a “fill in the blank” or “this or that” list.
  2. Highlight some favorite moments or social media posts from 2019 as a countdown to the new year. (This could be a top 10 list which could give you 10 days of scheduled content!)
  3. Give your profile photo or cover photos a makeover for the Holidays.
  4. Highlight student social media creators and ask them what they’re looking forward to about the Holiday break or Holiday traditions. You could also interview teachers and ask them about what they are looking forward to over the Holidays.
  5. Ask students about their favorite holiday foods and have them share recipes or photos.
  6. Ask students: What did you ask Santa for when you were 5 years old vs. today? Or, what was your favorite Christmas gift that you received as a child?
  7. Image scramble: Take a photograph, crop and then ask students to identify where that photo was taken. This could be a special place inside your school that students might recognize.
  8. Go Live: Do a live video where you a craft, decorating tips or how to make that perfect cup of hot chocolate in 30 seconds or less.
  9. What happened the year you were born? Highlight world events, popular movies and songs or “On this day” type of posts that summarize or highlight an event from the past.
  10. What would your mascot do for the Holidays? Design a sketch or “day in the life” during the Holidays for this character.
  11. Is your dog or cat dressed up for the Holidays? Do you have an ugly holiday sweater? Ask students to submit their favorite Holiday fashion featuring a selfie with their pet.
  12. Community focus: What are your students doing in the community or giving back during the Holidays? Is there a student or group that you could highlight? Do you have choir members who perform for retirement communities or skilled nursing facilities or students who are making a difference outside of the school? Share photos and their stories.

We would love to see your holiday posts. Tag us on social media @classintercom.