6 04, 2020

The Content Generation Episode 35: Best Practices in the new normal

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During this episode, Ben and Amber discuss what best practices look like when it comes to digital citizenship and lessons learned during COVID-19.

30 03, 2020

The Content Generation Episode 34: Be Social At A Distance

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During this episode, Amber and Ben discuss the challenges that schools are facing in light of COVID-19 and how being social at a distance is not just a recommendation but a rallying cry.        

2 03, 2020

The Content Generation Episode 33: TSPRA & IDEACON Recap 2020

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Last week our team traveled to Austin and Chicago to attend the TSPRA conference and IDEAcon conference. During this episode, we share what we learned while attending these amazing conferences. One of the largest School PR conferences, the Texas School PR Association conference provided room for great conversations about social media. School districts from across [...]

17 02, 2020

The Content Generation Episode 32: PJ Caposey

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PJ Caposey is a dynamic speaker and a transformational leader and educator. PJ began his career as an award-winning teacher in the inner-city of Chicago and has subsequently led significant change in every administrative post he has held. PJ became a principal at the tender age of 28 and within three years was able to [...]

3 02, 2020

The Content Generation Episode 31: Jennifer Randall

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Jen Randall is a 17-year veteran of the high school classroom. She started as a choral and show choir director and now travels the country hosting clinics, consulting and judging competitive show choir. In recent years, she has gone back to her journalistic roots, and now teaches Digital Media and produces KDGN (broadcast channel) for [...]

23 12, 2019

The Content Generation Episode 30: 2019 Highlights

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During this episode, Taylor and Amber breakdown highlights from 2019 and discuss what you can expect from Class Intercom in 2020. Resources Mentioned: Webinar: Five 2020 Trends for Social Media in Education: What Educators are Saying 12 Days of Content Be sure to follow us on Twitter & Instagram @ClassIntercom.

9 12, 2019

The Content Generation Episode 29: Sydney Jensen

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Sydney Jensen, a Georgia native, is a ninth-grade English teacher at Lincoln High School. Located in the epicenter of America's heartland: Lincoln, Nebraska. Lincoln is one of the nation's top cities for refugee resettlement. Students at Lincoln High speak more than 30 languages. Jensen also serves as an instructional coach working with new and veteran [...]

25 11, 2019

The Content Generation Episode 28: Christopher Aumueller, FanWord

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Christopher Aumueller is the CEO and founder of Fanword, a storytelling company for sports teams. During this interview, we spoke with Chris about his career journey and what led him to creating a company focused on storytelling. As a former Division 1 tennis player, Chris has a unique perspective regarding student athletes and social media [...]

28 10, 2019

The Content Generation Episode 27: Student-Generated Social Media And Why It Matters

By |2019-10-30T15:12:15-05:00October 28th, 2019|Podcast|2 Comments

During this episode, Taylor and Amber discuss why student-generated social media is important for schools to consider and why it matters. Resources Mentioned: Adult vs Student-Generated Social Media Infographic at Pulaski High School (Created by Clay Reisler) Social Media Trends In Education Report Webinar on November 13th: 5 Design Tips That Will Help Your School's [...]

14 10, 2019

The Content Generation Episode 26: Justin Dearing

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Whether it involved short films or sports talk radio, Justin Dearing has been telling stories as far back as he can remember. He is a former high school Film and Radio Production teacher turned School PR professional. Currently, Justin is the Assistant Director of Communications for Carroll ISD in Southlake, Texas and co-hosting the podcast "School PR Happy [...]