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Empowering a Team of Content Creators at the District Level

By February 28, 20242 min read

In this episode of the Content Generation Podcast, hear from Nicole Eimer of Valley View School District in Romeoville, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). During a recent revamp of the district’s strategic plan, focus shifted to building a heightened sense of belonging among students, families, and staff. In response to this initiative, Eimer worked with schools across the district (which includes 21 buildings and serves approximately 15,000 students) to determine the best way to connect with students and families. Social media became a key piece, and Eimer set out to build a district-wide team of content creators, involving and empowering people from across the school community.

Now, with a digital content creator at each school and involvement from office staff, teachers, and even students, VVSD’s social media pages have blossomed! With compelling campaigns like Friday Favorites and engaging posts that showcase service dogs at reading facilities, engagement has skyrocketed in a way that puts student stories at the forefront. But, with a diverse range of comfort levels and social media experience among content creators, systems and process considerations have been an important focus.

How does Eimer coordinate content from various sources across these schools and the district as a whole? How was she able to reign in rogue social media accounts and set up systems for managing all this content? And what has the experience of getting students involved been like? She’ll answer these questions and more in this episode of the Content Generation Podcast.

Connect with Nicole

Nicole Eimer
Digital Communications Specialist
Valley View School District in Romeoville, IL