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The Content Generation Episode 15: Erik Miller, Storyhook

Erik Miller is a Nebraska-born kid who grew up being told he was unique and ‘artsy.’ He followed every unique and artsy 18-year-old’s dream and went to college to study business. After college, Erik got married and joined the circus. Actually, he and his wife went into full-time college ministry (Although, his parents weren’t sure how that was different than the circus). During that time, he learned a lot, grew a lot and designed a lot.

After having a bunch of kids, Erik finally settled down and got a “real job” as a creative director. He now operates his own company called StoryHook – a non-traditional marketing and advertising studio in Lincoln, Nebraska.

During this interview, we spoke with Erik about his non-traditional career path and what it takes to craft a good story. You can connect with Storyhook on Facebook and Instagram.

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