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Sports Marketing & Social Media

By September 20, 20231 min read

When it comes to sports marketing, social media plays a critical role from teams ranging from youth leagues to professional teams. Marketer Morgan Hobbs and Social Media Manager Nina Sobotka join us to share insights on the fast-paced and exciting world of athletics and, more specifically, social media marketing for semi-professional sports teams. This includes insights from their experiences in building and managing athletics fan bases, navigating the unique challenges of social media in athletics, and producing authentic and engaging content about players, teams, leagues, and sports as a whole. They stress the need for balance between organic and sales-focused content, as well as avoiding over-saturation.

Despite the glamorous image that the social media industry gives off, Hobbs and Sobotka say it can require thick skin and an attentive attitude. You don’t want to miss this pointed discussion about shareable content and the challenges and rewards of an often misunderstood industry.

Connect with Nina

Nina Sobotka
Social Media Manager at Omaha Storm Chasers

Connect with Morgan

Morgan Hobbs
Marketing Coordinator at Union Omaha