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Finding Balance Between Artificial Intelligence and Authenticity in School PR with Josh Sauer

By October 11, 20231 min read

In this episode, we’re joined by Josh Sauer, seasoned school communications expert and current Director of Solutions Engineering at Finalsite. His experience as a K-12 PR professional, his role in the Oklahoma School PR Association, and his position as a board member of the National School PR Association (NSPRA) all serve as evidence of his deep passion for kids, education, and storytelling. Josh’s approach to storytelling in schools is both heart-driven and data-informed, turning everyday stories into compelling narratives. He derives his content from various sources, including his meaningful relationships, Chat GPT, and thorough keyword research.  Don’t miss Josh’s insights into the evolving landscape of school PR, particularly the role of artificial intelligence and the importance of balancing it with authentic, humanized content.

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Josh Sauer
Director of Solutions Engineering at Finalsite