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Making An Impact: Insights from Student Content Creator Caden Block

By February 7, 20241 min read

In this episode, we hear from Caden Block, a senior student athlete at Hastings High School and the winner of the 2023 Content Generation Award. Beyond breaking sports records, Caden discusses his journey into content creation, talking through the experience of creating social media content and telling stories through social channels. Inspired by the Mentoring Works program, Caden recognized the power of storytelling and used it as a driving force in his award-winning video, centered around an important theme: making an impact. Leading up to this endeavor, his passion for sports reached new heights through media classes, content creation, and the willingness to dig deeper when it comes to capturing the essence of the game.

Caden’s commitment to immersive storytelling has left a mark on his school and community, in addition to influencing his own life and career aspirations. He is an incredible example of the inspiration and passion that lies within every student, waiting to be empowered with opportunity.

Connect with Caden

Caden Block
High School Student
Hastings High School in Hastings, NE