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Exploring Multimedia & Content Creation with High School Student Drew Collings

By November 1, 20231 min read

High-school student Drew Collings discusses his journey as a content creator. Drew’s forte is sports broadcasting and announcing, where he brings a captivating and enthusiastic style to play-by-play announcements. As a member of his school’s multimedia team, he creates social media content for his school in a collaborative team environment alongside other students. With the help of Class Intercom’s software, Drew and his team produce a wide range of both live and pre-scheduled content. With aspirations to pursue sports media in college, Drew’s perspective as a content creator has evolved, prompting him to think critically about the messages he conveys and their contribution to each post as well as the way he collaborates with other students to cover the stories most pertinent to his school’s audience. You don’t want to miss Drew’s unique perspective.

About Drew

Drew Collings
Student at Seward High School