The Content Generation Academy

The Content Generation Academy is a unique program designed to help students learn, practice, and become content creators who make an impact on their communities. The program provides a research-backed foundation for learning–one that is tested, applied, and mastered through Class Intercom as an authentic assessment tool for the classroom and beyond. 

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Program Overview

Content Generation Academy students learn and advance concepts like storytelling, skill building, student voice, digital citizenship, and community. They are challenged to learn about and reflect on these concepts before ultimately applying them by creating content for their school’s social media channels.

Moderators can collaborate with student content creators, providing direction and feedback while maintaining ultimate control over the content published to school and district channels. Through the process of learning, applying, and co-creating, students gain theoretical understanding, guidance, and real-world experience as content creators with important stories to tell.

What’s more, this collaboration can continue long after students have finished the Content Generation Academy programming with access controls that are built to scale and able to evolve with your school or districts communications and social media strategy.  

The Content Generation Academy logo which is a simple outlined illustration of a building with a traingle roof and three pillars.

Centered on Research-Based Education Strategies

The Content Generation Academy is firmly rooted in research-based educational strategies to ensure student-centered learning. The program employs 10 core strategies and uses the Class Intercom platform as an authentic assessment tool to provide schools with a teaching framework.

This framework complements core curriculum, restorative practices, and college and career readiness. It also serves as general curricular support for digital media, journalism, design, writing, language arts, digital citizenship, and communication coursework.

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Skill Building

Student Voice

Digital Citizenship


Backed by Powerful Pedagogy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Content Generation Academy?

The Content Generation Academy is a digital citizenship program designed to help students learn, understand, and put into practice the key concepts that go into social media. Certainly the program focuses on digital citizenship and digital literacy, but it’s about much more. The program includes learning modules, reflection questions, outside resources, and practice assignments. Modules cover five core topics: Storytelling, student voice, skill building, digital citizenship, and community. In short, these resources and practice assignments help students grasp the power and responsibility of publishing content and engaging on various social media platforms.

How do students complete the Content Generation Academy programming?

The Content Generation Academy is a self-guided online program. Students complete the five learning modules. Each module has a series of authentic assessment exercises that can be completed and submitted through the student’s Class Intercom account. Moderators can review and provide feedback on this content, and ultimately decide if it is to be published (or not published) as social media content for the school or district’s accounts. 

Is the Content Generation Academy a digital citizenship/digital literacy program?

The Content Generation Academy certainly includes in-depth coverage of concepts crucial to digital citizenship and digital literacy. There is also a learning module devoted entirely to the topic. That said, the academy goes a few steps further, covering topics included in digital citizenship and adjacent to it, including storytelling, skill building, student voice, and community building. This comprehensive approach aims to help educators instill in students a well-rounded and practical understanding of all the components of engaging online and through social platforms, including what it means to be a good digital citizen. 

Who is eligible for the Content Generation Academy?

The Content Generation Academy is available to students at Class Intercom schools/districts. Teachers and administrators with Class Intercom access also have access to this supplemental curriculum and can use it as needed. 

Is there a cost?

The Content Generation Academy is included with Class Intercom’s software solutions (provided at either the school or district level). If you’re interested in adopting the platform and receiving this programming, contact us at to learn more.

Can this programming be used in a classroom setting?

Yes, so long as it meets school/district requirements this program can be used as supplemental curriculum.

Am I required to use this programming in a classroom setting?

No. This program is a supplemental curriculum resource to be used at the discretion of schools and staff.

Is this programming for students or for adults?

The Content Generation Academy is designed specifically for students. Class Intercom also offers a professional development program for staff, teachers, and administrators at the school or district level interested in becoming certified as a Class Intercom Ambassador. Follow this link to learn more about the ambassador program.

Can this programming be used when a student gets in trouble?

Yes. One of the most effective use cases for the academy is as a tool for behavioral correction and infractions. Within the framework of restorative practices, the academy aims to help students understand the power and responsibility of using social media with both positive and negative outcomes. The ability to practice creating positively impactful content is a key piece of the restorative practice puzzle.

Can I access different sections and modules of the training separately, or does it have to be completed in its entirety?

While the learning modules certainly complement each other, the programming is flexible and interchangeable by design, making it easy for schools and districts to pick and choose the elements that best align with your students’ needs.

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