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CGTV S2 Episode 002 | Know Your Audience

By September 30, 20201 min read
In the second installment of this season, we are talking about getting to know your audience. This is an important initial step in social media influencing. You have to know who you are communicating with in order to successfully influence your audience. We’ll take a look at three things: pinpointing who your audience is, creating content for them, and finally, how to put these things into practice at your school. Advertising events, influencing a large number of people, and creating engaging content can be difficult, especially when it comes to school communications. Continue to follow along with us this series in order to be equipped with the tools you need to do all of this successfully! Every video will be accompanied by a helpful worksheet so you can implement the ideas presented and make them your own. You can download the worksheet for this episode below. Download Worksheet