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CGTV S2 Episode 001 | So You Want to Be an Influencer…

By September 9, 20201 min read
So you want to be an influencer…? This is our theme for season 2 of CGTV. During this six episode series, host Mitch Fisher will be covering everything from discovering your niche, finding your audience, creating meaningful content, and collaborating with others. However you wish to make an impact, it all starts with your school. Your school is a training ground for what you wish to do in this life. When it comes to influencing, you can utilize Speech and English classes to prepare yourself as a social media influencer. You can take up leadership roles and even start a social media club at your school. It starts now. Every video will be accompanied by a helpful worksheet so you can implement the ideas presented and make them your own. You can download the worksheet for this episode below. Download Worksheet