Capstone Project Option Two


Build a Case Study

From restorative practice to fundraising partnerships with local businesses, student-led social media campaigns and programs can lead to unique and memorable outcomes. Capstone option two is structured as a post-factum analysis and report to help you surface and present key insights.

Choose this option if:

  • You rolled out a program including or led by students and have insights to share.
  • You have examples of the benefits of student involvement in school social media.
  • Students are active participants in school social media through clubs, classroom assignments, curriculum, and/or other practices.
  • You have a particularly awesome story to share about the impact of student involvement in school social media.
  • Your peers, board, district, or community would benefit from a specific analysis.

Project Elements 

Your project should include the following elements. 

  • An overview of your campaign or program. Include context for the program’s goals, implementation, and execution. Consider a who/what/when/where/why framework. 
  • A summary of the campaign or program’s outcomes. This can be in one of several formats including: video, written, or slide deck presentation. Include: 
    • The current status of student-led campaigns and ongoing student-generated content at your school or district.
    • A brief overview of the campaign or program’s goals.
    • A brief list of positive outcomes and takeaways. 
    • A brief list of lessons learned. 
  • Student and/or staff interviews. Conduct a brief interview of at least two students or staff members involved to get their insights (audio, video, or written format). 
  • A portfolio of campaign or program highlights. Compile a collection of student-created social media content through snipped/screenshotted images and links to the live posts. Caption each with insights into why you included it as a positive example of reference point.


  1. What story or stories do you have to share about student-led social media within your school or district? 
    • Which voices have you specifically been able to amplify? 
    • Where has your program made a dent in students’ experience in a unique or memorable way? 
    • What skills have students and staff garnered as active participants in school social media? 
    • In what ways has your school engaged or involved its community? 
  2. What Class Intercom Pedagogy Pillar(s) is your school specifically aligned with? Consider each of the following: Storytelling, skill building, student voice, digital citizenship, and community.

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