Class Intercom Ambassador Program

Capstone Project

The Class Intercom Ambassador Capstone synthesizes the instruction from each pedagogy pillar’s learning module into a tangible action step. The goal is to leverage your knowledge to advance your school, district, or organization in a meaningful way by crafting a practical artifact to be presented to peers or leaders. The capstone project typically requires between 8 and 10 hours of focused work. Once completed, you will submit your final project for review before receiving your ambassador credentials. Choose one of the four below options.

Choose from one of the following project options.

Submit Your Capstone
Option 1

Launch a Student-Led Social Media Campaign

An organized student-led social media campaign can foster buy-in and provide practical infrastructure for student content creation.

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Option 2

Build a Case Study

This option is structured as a post-factum analysis and report to help you surface and present key insights about campaigns and programs you’ve implemented.

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Option 3

Build a Social Media Strategy

Building a comprehensive social media strategy is easier than you might think–especially with guidance on each component piece. This option provides exactly that.

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Option 4

Build your Own Capstone

Have something specific in mind for your capstone? We’d love to support it. Simply submit a project proposal and we’ll be in touch about next steps.

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Capstone Project

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