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Welcome to the Class Intercom Ambassador Training Program 

A warm welcome to the next step in becoming an official Class Intercom Ambassador. The work you do to integrate and advance emerging media and technology makes a huge impact and we’re excited to provide a place to collaborate and share. Here’s what to expect as you work through training.

A Note from Dr. Jill

Welcome to the Ambassador Program and kudos for the tremendous work you do every day to capture and share amazing moments happening in your schools and communities. 

When I made the shift from high school administrator to EdTech leader, I was committed to helping schools all over the world advance their social media practices and shift the point of view to those living the stories: the students. With the powerful combination of passionate leaders like you and Class Intercom’s technology and curricular support, that vision has gained an unstoppable momentum! 

As you dig into training, you’ll become acquainted with our five Pedagogy Pillars: Storytelling, Student Voice, Skill Building, Digital Citizenship, and Community. We’ve made pedagogy a foundational piece of our work because it’s about much more than technology. When school communities practice these pillars authentically and approach social media and content creation with these values in mind, they start to see and feel a unique and empowering cultural transformation quite unlike any other! 

Let’s dive in!

Jill Johnson, EdD
President, Class Intercom

Training Overview & Time Commitment

The Class Intercom Ambassador Program is intentionally designed with your valuable time in mind, packing as much information in as possible, with key checkpoints for reflection and application. Each section folds into the next, cultivating in a capstone that provides the flexibility for you to choose a meaningful project with direct application to your school or district. Over the course of the program, you will complete the following component pieces of training.

Learning Modules for the Five Pedagogy Pillars

Six to eight hours
A series of self-guided online learning modules allows you to work through all five of the Class Intercom pedagogy pillars: storytelling, skill building, student voice, digital citizenship, and community. Each module includes a guided reading section, supplemental resources, and reflection questions pertinent to your final capstone project.

Class Intercom Certifications (Levels I and II)

Two, 30-minute sessions
These professional development certifications are earned in the second learning module (skill building) to advance your technical skillsets. There are two levels of certification and each requires approximately 30 minutes to complete. 

Community Building & Sharing

One to two hours 
Throughout each learning module, you’ll find prompts that encourage you to think deeper about examples of concepts or applications for the material. We invite you to share your experiences in the Class Intercom Ambassadors Facebook group so we can all learn from each other.

Class Intercom Ambassador Capstone Project

Five to eight hours
The capstone project is designed to provide an opportunity to evolve your school or district’s social media in a strategic and meaningful way. Multiple options (including the ability to get approval for a choose-your-own-project option) allow ambassadors to build a capstone that meets the needs of the school community they serve.

Key Perks & Benefits

The Ambassador distinction is for passionate leaders who care deeply about social media and using technology to advance digital citizenship in the classroom and beyond. Once you complete your training, you’ll become certified as an official Class Intercom ambassador, receiving all the perks and benefits of this unique community. Ambassadors get involved by: 

  • Modeling great pedagogical and technical use of Class Intercom 
  • Using Class Intercom regularly and staying up to date with the latest Class Intercom updates 
  • Championing and advocating for Class Intercom in your school, district, or educational service unit (and beyond) 
  • Staying connected with Class Intercom and other ambassadors via online communities and events in your area 
  • Collaborating with Class Intercom as thought leaders at conferences, symposiums, panels, workshops, and other events. 
  • Sharing stories about inspiring and intentional social media instruction and management

Program Overview

Learning Modules

Capstone Project

Submit a Presentation or Event

Refer a School or District

Receive $50


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