Capstone Project Option One


Launch a Student-Led Social Media Campaign

An organized student-led social media campaign can foster buy-in and provide practical infrastructure for content creation by students. Capstone option one is structured as a plan to help you succeed in implementing a meaningful campaign.

Choose this option if:

  • Your school or district limits student social media contributions.
  • You’re ready to be more intentional about student content creation at your school.
  • You’re looking for ways to recruit more student content creators.
  • You’ve never facilitated a student social media team before.

Project Elements 

Your project should include the following elements. 

  • A one-page overview document outlining the campaign. Include: A synopsis of how the campaign will work, over what duration it will run, who will be involved, and the content focus. This should all add up to an overall framework.
  • A summary of goals/objectives for the campaign. What do you hope to achieve with this campaign and how it is aligned with broader learning outcomes related to storytelling, skill building, student voice, digital citizenship, and community?
  • A content calendar. Include: An outline of events/happenings rife with opportunities to capture content over the course of your campaign.
  • A list of potential roadblocks or challenges. Briefly acknowledge key challenges you may face in implementing this campaign. Match each challenge with a strategy for overcoming it.
  • A roadmap for the future. What are the next steps after this campaign? What insights must be garnered from this campaign in order to implement a full-scale student-led school social media program?
  • A slide deck presentation. Bring all this information together cleanly and succinctly for a board-ready presentation.



1. What is the story you want to tell with this campaign?

  •  Which voices are you specifically trying to amplify? 
  • List four or five individual students who might participate.

2. List at least two skills you want students to learn or practice with the takeover.

3. Refer to the digital citizenship framework taught at your school. What specific skill(s) will students need to have learned or mastered to be successful with this campaign? 

4. What part of the community are you targeting with this campaign? 

  • What strategies will you use to engage that audience? 
  • What action(s) do you want the community to take as a result of the takeover?

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