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School Spotlight: Waverly Middle School

By April 2, 20192 min read

School: Waverly Middle School

Location: Waverly, NE

Website: https://www.waverlycommunityschools.net/our-schools/waverly-middle-school/

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook: Waverly Middle School

Twitter: @MiddleWaverly

Instagram: @middlewaverly

We interviewed Emily Finley, she’s a fifth-year teacher at Waverly Middle School to learn more about how they’ve been able to share their story and create opportunities for middle school students using Class Intercom.

How has Class Intercom helped Waverly Middle School empower students to create social content?

This has all evolved because of what students have brought to the table. They are able to look at analytics on Twitter and start to think about how hashtags work and what receives engagement and attention on social media. They are able to see how their audience reacts to the content they are creating which is huge for this age of students. It helps them take on that role of being a “professional” journalist.

What problem has Class Intercom helped you solve?

In the past, it’s been all on me to create content based on a photo the student gives me. Now, we can just fine tune our pre-made content. I know that all my students are out getting good content, and it’s allowed us to create more content. We have great journalists now, and I don’t have to create the content anymore. It empowers the students to create their own ideas, and share it professionally.

When did you realize you needed a product like Class Intercom?

I was overwhelmed with how much I was having to post. Most of the time I would just get photos emailed to me with no captions or copy. So basically I was having to do all the work, and the kids weren’t actually learning anything. I have multiple coaching and teaching responsibilities on top of being a photojournalism teacher. Because of that, a lot of the content didn’t get posted simply because I didn’t have time. When we got class intercom, it became a lot easier for me. Now I can go into Class Intercom and see everything that students are working on and approve, edit, add notes, or schedule their posts.

 How has Class Intercom helped improve your school’s social media?

  1. It gives students a professional experience.
  2. It has allowed us to create more and better content than ever before.
  3. It provides hands-on educational opportunities for students.