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School Spotlight: Milford Public Schools

By April 30, 20193 min read

School: Milford Public Schools

Location: Milford, NE

Enrollment: K-12 enrollment [750 students]

Website: https://www.milfordpublicschools.org/

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook: Milford Public Schools

Twitter: @MilfordEagles

Instagram: @milfordpublicschools

Today we sat down with one of our early Class Intercom schools. Brandon Mowinkel is a 7-12 principal in Milford, NE. Since the beginning, Milford has been passionate about social media in schools, and now Mowinkel is proud to say it’s become a priority.

How has Class Intercom helped Milford empower students to create social content?

We were an early adopter of social media and at the beginning content creation was strictly admin driven, but as social media grew we knew we had to do some different things to get the student’s voice out there. It became a whole lot of work for the admin to create and share all the graphics, content, and information. Now, students are able to be in a year-long class where they are able to create the graphics and share those all year round. Now, if you see a graphic for an event coming up, you know it’s from the student.

What problem has Class Intercom helped you solve?

We are able to make sure that all our activities are covered. When it was strictly admin posting we missed a lot of good content. It has helped us focus on what content needs to be out there, and also make sure everyone is covered which has allowed us to make sure we get to highlight more people.  Some of our great student stories would have never been shared without Class Intercom. We are also able to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to making sure we get to all the events and have all our bases have been covered. Class intercom works great for housing the content, and then also pushing the content on the back end.

When did you realize you needed a product like Class Intercom?

It was when we were trying to get graduation and honors and all kinds of stuff ready, and we were missing a ton of content just because of how busy we are. My assistant principal didn’t have time, I didn’t have time, and our teachers didn’t have time. I realized that no matter what the cost we had to do something different to make sure that we are getting everything covered. Content coverage is a huge demand from the public that they get to see what’s going on in their child’s school. It’s cool to see our audience engage with our content now.

Three ways Class Intercom has improved your school’s social media?

  1. It’s helped share our student’s stories who wouldn’t normally get told.
  2. We’ve been able to share more than we ever have before.
  3. It’s created a unified voice for our school from a student and administrative perspective.