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Instagram’s Latest Update Means More Links in Bio

By May 8, 20235 min read

Sometimes one link just isn’t enough–and Instagram agrees. The social media platform has officially rolled out a new update that allows users to add up to five clickable links to the bio section of their profile. These links remain stagnant within the bio until they’re updated, allowing users to provide quick (and now ongoing) access to links pertinent to their content, brand, or a specific post. For schools, the new update underscores the importance of having an active and engaging presence on social media channels in conjunction with other channels (especially school and district websites) to cross-promote happenings and tell meaningful stories. In fact, social media is a great place to introduce or promote an idea, event, or other item, but you may need more space to include detailed information or functionality like payment processing or registration for an event. In short, more links means more opportunities to engage students, parents, and school community members more deeply–and you’re going to want to make the most of them. Here are 12 ideas for doing exactly that.

1. Announcements & Press Releases

When there’s news to share, schools can use one of their five links to direct followers to landing pages for pertinent updates, news articles, announcements, and press releases. This helps keep students, parents, and community members informed about current happenings.

2. Fundraising Initiatives

Schools can use Instagram to promote fundraising initiatives and provide a link for followers to donate directly. This might include school-sponsored events, coat drives, food drives, phone-a-thons, golf tournaments, and more in support of the school or a designated nonprofit or community group.

3. Sports Schedules, Tickets & Livestreams 

Athletics departments can get in on the action with links to sports schedules, tickets for big games, live-streaming access, and more. Directing people to a link where they can purchase or access these items saves time and improves outcomes.

4. Online School Stores & Merchandise

For schools with an online store or merchandise program, adding a link to your Instagram bio can be a great way to drive sales. Feature new products, promotions, and other news related to their store to keep followers engaged.

5. Bond Issue Information

There are a multitude of factors that contribute to the passing of a school bond issue, including public sentiment about the issue, timing, and community engagement. Keep members of your school community informed about the potential impact of the bond issue, as well as upcoming milestones, key dates for voting, and other info.

6. Enrollment Referral Programs

If your school has a referral program, it’s likely a good idea to make sure followers have quick access to the forms and pages where they submit referrals and information about the incentives in place for them to do so. Drop a link in your Instragram bio to keep it front and center. 

7. Student Spotlights

Schools can use their Instagram bio to highlight individual students and their achievements. This can include profiles, interviews, and other content that showcases what makes each student unique and special. Consider short, attention-grabbing pieces for social media, then link you audience back to your website to get the whole story on the student in the spotlight.

8. Financial Aid Information

For students and parents looking for financial aid information, schools can use Instagram as another way to direct them to the right resources. This can include links to FAFSA applications, scholarship opportunities, and other financial aid resources.

9. Health Resources

Health resources–including mental health hotlines, bullying resources, stress management tips, and more–can be tough to distribute. Linking them in your school’s Instagram bios keeps them accessible to both students and caregivers whenever they’re needed.

10. Translation Services & Information

For schools with a diverse community, adding a link to translation services and information in their Instagram bio can be a great way to ensure everyone has access to the resources they need.

11. Media Coverage & Public Relations

Positive media coverage and public relations are crucial for the short- and long-term success of your school. So when a student, family, staff member, or administrator makes the news–you’re going to want to spread the word. Link out from your bio for easy access.

12. College Application Information Forms

For high school students applying to college, schools can use their Instagram bio to provide information on the application process. This can include links to application forms, essay prompts, and other resources that will help students navigate the college admissions process.

Upgrade School Socials 

Of course, links are just the beginning. The best way to advance your school or district’s social media presence is to activate individuals across your school community to capture great content. Class Intercom works with schools and districts all over the country and around the world to do exactly that. It’s everything you want in a social media management tool, but built for the unique needs of schools for use by students, staff, and administrators. That means unlimited users with customizable access permissions, secure moderation features, plus space for feedback, scheduling, and publishing direct to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Approval and feedback workflows are built right in, making it easy for moderators to help students build their skills and create engaging, polished, social media content. Best of all, Class Intercom’s time-saving platform is backed by powerful pedagogy to instill concepts like storytelling, skillbuilding, student voice, digital citizenship, and community. 

Adding and editing links in an Instagram bio is especially easy. Simply tap the text box for a link you’d like to update, edit, and then save.

Interested in learning more about how you can put Class Intercom to work for your school and students?

Jess Doerr

Jess Doerr is the communications manager for Social Assurance and Class Intercom where she writes, develops, and oversees content. If she's not at the office, she's probably on her boat, on her bike, or in her garden.